There is an increase in the number of homeowners who are facing water damage and termite damages in their wooden doors in Singapore.

Such problems are common due to Singapore’s humid weather, which will result in moisture to build up in wood, resulting in water damage and attracting termites to infest.

It is crucial to combat this problem as soon as possible to prevent the termite damage from spreading to your other doors or furniture.

Qualities of Water & Termite-proof (WTP) Door

Traditional wooden doors can be prone to termite infestation if the wood is not properly treated or wood not suited for our tropical climate is used. Mould and rot happen when moisture seeps into wood and over time, it will soften and decay.

Introducing Singapore’s first 100% waterproof and termite-proof, WTP Door.

Made up of ultra-fine plant-based components, it takes on the realistic appearance of wood yet low in maintenance.

It is highly suitable for your bedroom and toilet doors and even possesses sound reduction quality.

WTP Doors utilise PUR film technology that is UV-stable, abrasion-resistant, non-yellowing and gives the surface a satin-matt look. They are able to withstand temperature changes and humidity without fear of warping or insect infestation.

With all these excellent qualities, the WTP Door is definitely the perfect choice for your next door.

Decay caused by water damage on a traditional door frame
WTP Door frame that is not susceptible to water damage

Extensive damage caused by termite infestation
WTP Door that prevents termite infestation

Lifetime Warranty

On top of the above advantages of the WTP Door, Bumi Megah Timber Doors also provide lifetime warranty for every WTP purchased.

The lifetime warranty is applicable to water and termite damages, so if your door is ever damaged by water or termites, you can approach them for a 1 to 1 exchange.

*Hardware warranty lasts for 6 months from date of purchase.


Whether you are a new homeowner looking for doors for your home or looking to change your existing water or termite damaged doors, the WTP Door is the right door for you.

Consult Bumi Megah Timber Doors for a free consultation today, or visit their showroom for more information.


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