Terms and Conditions

“The Product” refers to the product Water and Termite-Proof Door (WTP Door) from Bumi Megah.


  1. “The Product ” is hereby granted guarantee for a life-time warranty for only water and termite proofing issues.
  2. Claims for damaged/missing parts after installation will not be entertained.
  3. This warranty does not cover repair and/or replacement of parts damaged by misuse, accidents, negligence, alteration, modification, or in any way being tampered with, or repaired by any service organization without the prior consent of Bumi Megah, as a result warranty will be void.
  4. Bumi Megah is only liable for any damages caused by moisture, water and termite damaging and corrupting “The Product”.
  5. 1 for 1 exchange of “The Product” is only allowed for damages caused by water and termite. Strictly no cash refunds or any other terms of exchange/refund/rebate.
  6. Bumi Megah reserves the rights to void the 1 for 1 exchange policy if there is any deliberate means to damage “The Product” by a third party.
  7. Hardware parts like hinges, door stopper and lever lockset are covered under 1 year warranty only. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER defects caused by: scratches, rusty, peeling paint, modification, alteration, repair or service of the lockset by anyone other than Bumi Megah .
  8. “The Product” ‘s warranty does not cover the wear and tear of hardware parts like hinges, door stopper and lever lockset that is tempered and damaged caused by improper usage by a third party.
  9. Bumi Megah will not be liable for the damages and the Warranty will be void if there is a deliberate means to tempered and damage/dismantle “The Product” by a third party.