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Bumi Megah Timber Doors

Who we are

Bumi Megah Timber Wood was founded in 2004 by Mr Lim and his wife Ms Pang. Mr Lim, who was a former installer by trade decided to open his first outlet in Kranji due to a surge in demand for quality wood products at that time. Helmed by Mr Lim , the company has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years and the Bumi Megah brand has been synonymous with “top notch services / reasonable prices and high quality wood products”. From a 2 men team in 2004 , Mr Lim currently employs more than 300 staffs in Singapore and Malaysia.

Bumi Megah Timber Doors (S) Pte Ltd and Bumi Megah Timber Doors (M) Sdn. Bhd was established in 2008 and 2011 respectively to handle the expansion in their operations . Their growing reputation did not go unnoticed in the global market and in 2015 , they came to an agreement with leading door manufacturers in Europe and America and thus, shipments of Bumi Megah’s high quality doors make their way from the shores of Singapore to Europe and America every month. Mr Lim also financed the purchase of a 435,600 sq ft (Over 10 acres) piece of land in Simpang Renggam to build his own factories at a cost of 26 million ringgit and it will house his Malaysia operations in 2017.

For every services from us, your SATISFACTION is always our GOAL.


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